Spatial Ecology and Climate Change Modelling

We have undertaken a number of spatial ecology and climate change projects with Western Australian amphibians, birds and mammals as model species. Some of this work arose from Dr Shaun Molloy’s PhD research on spatial modelling and Rob’s herpetology interests including his PhD on frogs in the WA wheatbelt have also formed an ongoing interest in the ecology of fragmented populations. Recent projects have studied the movement ecology of the Western Spotted Frog, the conservation of the endangered Pilbara northern quolls and the Western Ground Parrot.


Molloy, S.W., Burbidge, A.H., Comer, S. and Davis, R.A. (2020). Using climate change models to inform the recovery of a critically endangered parrot, the Western Ground Parrot. Oryx. 54: 52-61.  

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Molloy, S., Davis, R.A. and van Etten, E. (2014). Species distribution modelling using bioclimatic variables to determine the impacts of a changing climate on the western ringtail possum (Pseudocheirus occidentalis; Pseudocheiridae). Environmental Conservation. 41(2): 176-186.

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